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LED Three Ring Arc Floor lamp // Chrome

LED Three Ring Arc Floor lamp // Chrome

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Length: 50 in.

Width: 15.5 in.

Height: 84 in.


Length: 32 in.

Width: 7 in.

Height: 57 in.


The LED Three Ring Arc Floor lamp is the perfect solution for all your lighting needs. The graceful curve of the 3 ring metal lamp allows the light to extend over your furniture, providing direct, downward, or ambient illumination on any surface. The three rings can also be adjusted individually in order to focus the light to your desires.


The lamp is constructed with a heavy base to maintain stability and keep it from wobbling. This floor lamp stands at 84" tall and has three integrated LED rings that measure 10.5" in diameter each. This makes it the perfect floor lamp for a house with kids or pets. Ideal for a family room, living room, or an entry way. You can also put it behind or next to an accent chair to create a calm, elegant, reading nook environment.


 It has a floor dimmer that allows you to play with the brightness setting so that you can create perfect lighting on multiple situations. Dim it low for a romantic dinner, or a little higher as a reading light. You can also have it on full brightness to light up an entire room or space. The lamp is controlled by a foot switch to easily adjust to your light preference.

The LED Three Ring Arc Floor lamp is also a beautiful and artistic piece that will decorate your home, even while it is turned off. The LED strip is built to last over 30,000 hours, or 3 years if you were to keep the light on all day, every day.  It also comes with a 5 year manufacturer warranty. 



  • Size: 50" x 15.5" x 84"
  • Weight: 46Lb
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Watts: 20 W per Ring, 60 Watts total
  • Kelvin: 4000
  • Lumens: 3600
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